Do not underbuck freely hanging limbs. These systems accelerate lightering in event of bunkering of none conformed oil as well as breach in a tank. Grip must be vertical: When handling gasoline, avoid direct contact with the skin and avoid inhaling fuel vapour — health risk. T élécommunications – transmissions – satellites – positionnement Telecommunications – transmissions satellites – positioning and location 5.

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Pour navires civils, militaires, offshore, mégayachts. Privileged supplier for governmental administrations for a long time defense, patrol, rescue, environment, ecology , Zodiac Milpro is also partner of a lot of industry and independent organizations all around the world shipyards, shipping companies, offshore, survey and exploration. The chain must not run when the engine is idling with the throttle trigger released. N Thoroughly clean the machine — pay special attention to the cylinder fins and air filter. AREVA TA is in charge of design, construction, operation and maintenance in operational conditions of low-power nuclear reactors for naval propulsion, research and energy production. It is forbidden to reproduce the whole or part of this publication, to reuse or take an extract from the whole or substantive quantitative or qualitative part of its content for non-private purposes without the prior permission of the publisher.

Nectoux Cet annuaire GICAN présente les entreprises du secteur naval et maritime qui relèvent les grands enjeux sociétaux, économiques et sécuritaires de la maritimisation et de la croissance bleue. It boasts exceptional expertise in vessel construction and the most complex maritime systems. It is backed by major groups and accompanied by a dense, innovative network of almost one thousand small businesses. Today the French sector of maritime industries, federated by the GICAN, represents more than 42, direct jobs for a turnover of close to 8,5 billion Euros.

Industrial activity has been relatively stable over the last ten years despite fluctuating order books. The sector is now entering a new era with windw significant increase in orders, which we hope will be wlnds.

As a whole, French shipyards and equipment suppliers are currently experiencing international growth in both civil and military sectors.

This will allow the GICAN to play a leading role operating, promoting, securing and protecting maritime, air-sea, submarine and coastal areas. This GICAN directory presents those businesses in the naval and maritime sectors committed to taking up the major society, economic and security challenges of maritimization and blue growth. Ce groupement a pour objet la promotion et la défense des intérêts des entreprises adhérentes.

winds pro 2013.9

It unites major contractors, system and equipment providers, as well as SMEs and MMCs who contribute to the design, construction, maintenance and implementation of military vessels, medium and large tonnage trade vessels, and specialized vessels. They also play an important role in the emergence of Marine Renewable Energies. This will allow the GICAN to play a leading role promoting, securing and protecting maritime, air-sea, submarine and coastal areas.

The aim of this organization is to promote and defend the interests of its member companies. Alongside representatives of other industries and groups, both French and European, it has the qualifications to initiate and implement all issues that affect the development of the naval and maritime industry. Pour réaliser cette ambition, le GICAN se donne trois missions principales au service de ses adhérents présents et futurs. Soutenir le développement harmonieux et la compétitivité de la filière.

To achieve this ambition, the GICAN has set itself three main missions to serve its present and future members. To represent the interests of the French maritime industry. To support harmonious development and competitiveness of the industry. Held under the patronage of the French Ministry of Defence and the Secretary of State for the Sea, this event addresses all aspects of sovereignty missions for the maritime and naval industry, State action at sea in relation to maritime security and safety maintaining public order at sea, navigation and fishing police, maritime and coastal surveillance as well as the marine environment.


Euronaval has become an essential meeting point for purchasing advisors, experts and decision makers from all over the world and continues to develop. Inwith active support from Entreprendre Pour le Fluvial EPF and a number of other European organisations, the organisers of the exhibition launched Eurowaterways. The relevance of its eleven exhibition sectors sets it apart and offers exhibitors optimal visibility within their activity sector. Enavec 5. It shares its success with Eurowaterways and is proof of the increasingly important role our industry plays.

Maritime exhibitions Assistante commerciale Société certifiée ISO Conception et production de guindeauxcabestans et treuils, portes étanches, systèmes de manutentions pour tous navires civils, offshore et militaires.

Acebi was created in The company has its own engineering department for calculation, design of all types of deck equipment for ships. Testing platform simulating trim and list. Service activities for maintenance on board of vessels. Quality management ISO For new products and service activities.

Engineering, calculation, drawing on Autocad and Solidworks softwares: Pour navires civils, militaires, offshore, mégayachts. Actimar is specialized in met-ocean and coastal studies, operational oceanography, and high resolution remote sensing.

Actimar focuses its activities on developing innovative products tailored to requirements of professional stakeholders and maritime actors. InAirbus DS – with around 40, employees – achieved revenues of E14 billion. Airbus Group is a global leader in aerospace, defence and related services.

Airbus DS propose une approche intégrée de la sécurité et de la supériorité maritimes. Airbus DS supports the concept of an integrated approach to maritime security and dominance.

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Using the expertise and technologies available within Cassidian, we can design, develop, manufacture and test integrated solutions to improve the surveillance of the sea and the security of endangered maritime areas while also supporting compliance with the ISPS International Ship and Port Security code. Cassidian is proud that a significant number of maritime forces are relying on its products and technology developed specially for them by windds Division.

Airbus Group se positionne comme un leader mondial des avions commerciaux, des hélicoptères civils, des lanceurs spatiaux et des missiles. With consolidated revenues of E Proo Group is among the top two manufacturers of commercial aircraft, civil helicopters, commercial space launch vehicles and missiles, and a leading supplier of military aircraft, satellites and defence electronics.

The group achieved E4. As prime contractor and integrator, Airbus Group is the bandwagon of the national industry and the first industrial partner of the French Defence Ministry, notably for nuclear deterrence, military helicopters and aircraft, observation and communication satellites, and defence electronics.

La société apporte les solutions – hélicoptères et services – les plus efficaces à ses clients qui servent les populations, protègent, sauvent des vies et transportent les passagers dans des environnements exigeants. The company provides the most efficient civil and military helicopter solutions to its 20139. who serve, protect, save lives and safely carry passengers in highly demanding environments. Tous deux sont déployés en opérations extérieures par les armées françaises.

Cet hélicoptère biturbine de la nouvelle génération et de classe 5,5 à 6 tonnes est taillé pour répondre aux missions civiles les plus complexes: The H is operated by the U.

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Army under the name UHA Lakota. It has also been operated for nearly 30 years by the Winda and the U. The HM military version for combat SAR has provided effective service in theaters of operations whereas the H is used pto the French Navy for search and rescue and public services missions.

Both helicopters have been deployed successfully in theaters of operations. A new generation 5. Elle est organisée en trois pôles: Technologies and services are organized into three divisions: Subsea buoyancy, Products and Services. The aim of the company is to design and manufacture innovative subsea and naval systems and to deliver new services thanks to the knowhows developed internally.


Il permet de réaliser et de post-traiter des calculs linéaires et non linéaires sur des assemblages mécaniques complexes caoutchouc, thermoplastique, wnids de métal, tissu humain, sol, composite The SEA-MOTION system allows system suppliers to showcase the capabilities of their equipment winvs means of customized demonstrations suited to the needs of their customers.

Software that we are distributor: LS-DYNA is suitable to investigate phenomena 0213.9 large deformations, sophisticated material models and complex contact conditions for structural dynamics problems.

The Abaqus Unified FEA product suite offers powerful and complete solutions for both routine and sophisticated engineering problems covering a vast spectrum of industrial applications. These software can be used for defence and naval sector and more particularly for applications of vessels impacts and submarine explosions.

Answer to our customers expectations is our main priority: Une réponse personnalisée, selon les spécifications du client fulfilment: A customized response to our clients specifications: Effectif composé de 2 ingénieurs et 6 techniciens. AREVA TA proposes to its customers mainly prro the defense and civil nuclear sectors, engineering solutions adapted to the highest safety standards and to high availability requirements.

AREVA TA is in charge of sinds, construction, operation and maintenance in operational conditions of low-power nuclear reactors for naval propulsion, research and energy production. Expanding the human capacities of watching at sea to face current threats while onboard a ship terrorism, piracy, trafficking, illegal migration La société est installée dans les ports clés: Cette année-là, AVON développe une console tactique radar de nouvelle génération: Il est reconduit eny intégrant les sémaphores de Corse.

Company is located in the key harbors of its business: Field engineers, software specialists and developers, offer on 24 hours, 7 days a week, technical support and expertise in France and www. On the commercial side, AVON develops strong relationships with a technical support basis 7 days a week, on 24 hours with main French ship owners: The same year, AVON develops a tactical radar console new winda This is a console based on COTS products, modular as required.

AVON executes the maintenance in operational conditions of these frigates. The contract is renewed in Januaryincorporating the semaphores of Corsica. Ces nouvelles philosophie et technologies ouvrent de nouveaux horizons, en particulier pour les Junior Oil Companies. F Functions based on Polymers, Syntactic or Steel technologies.

This wide range of knowledge allow us to lead all S. They are also the future of their specialty which they are wibds innovating. This new philosophy and technology is opening new horizons, in particular windz new actors in the oil and gas industry. Son offre couvre quatre grands domaines: Bertin Technologies covers sectors with 20113.9 stakes including: ASIR system, Assistance with infra-red surveillance detection, tracking, pursuit and reconnaissanceWire antennae.

It designs, manufactures and sells 2013. UV solutions for water disinfection. BIO-UV offers specific and competitive solutions for many applications such as ballast water treatment, reuse of wastewater, purification of industrial effluents, drinking water production, aquaculture, and water treatment for private and commercial pools and spas.

The experience of BIO-UV managers in water treatment and engineering has enabled BIO-UV to approach after a few years the leaders in UV treatment, to ensure a real credibility, and every year since its creation, to make a very significant growth.

winds pro 2013.9

Member of SWELIA association of companies from the water sector and of the Water Cluster based in Montpellier center of excellence with worldwide vocationthe BIO-UV is constantly working in partnership with Research Centers, Universities and accredited laboratories to respond to specific problems, develop and validate optimal solutions.