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Little Star Clothes will gather as much information as possible about children clothes, baby toys and kids shoes. Please join us the hunt for the best online store. Share your thoughts and ideas. Post comments and let all other parents know what you think of a particular shop. We will also try to share as many promotional offers we can find, like this promotion page.

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Baby/infant or toddler, girl or boy, big or small. Little Star Clothes will gather information about clothes for children and babies. Everything from shirts, pyjamas, dresses to milk bottles and baby blankets.

Shop online for your toddler or infant, girl or boy

To shop online in e-shops on the Internet can be a bit scary. It’s hard to know what to do. Is it safe? Will the clothes have the correct size for your child? How can things be returned? We will continue to add content to our information pages about Internet shopping.

A new place to get information, tips and advice

We’ve just launced this info page, we currently lack a lot of information about clothes and shoes but more will be added daily. Advice and tips will be extended.

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