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Secure online shopping

What is a secure online shop / webshop

How can you tell if a online shop is secure? What ever we write here, it’s hard to guarantee that a web shop / online shop is secure or not. If you feel uncertain of the buy and if it’s a big buy you’re going to do. Think of doing a test buy first for minimal cost.

Encryption technology to create a secure online shop

Don’t ever shop from a web shop where any of the pages that you are about to enter any personal details on isn’t on secure pages (https). You can easily see that it’s a secure if the web address starts with https://. Note the (s) where normal websites starts only with http://. Make sure that the order page that you are on is secure before entering any payment details. The secure pages will encrypt the data and scramble the information you send so that online the merchant / shop can read your details. Many web browsers will also notify you about that the online shop is secure by showing a padlock somewhere on your browser screen. Be extra careful if you notice that the address to the website change to another domain when you’re about to enter personal details.

Know the store before you shop online

Try to online shop from big brands that you already know. Still, we know how hard that can be when there are so many small web shops with beautiful clothes. Therefore it’s important that you make you’re familiar with the online shop before you order any clothes.

The secure web shop

A secure shop will advertise their physical address and you should be able to find a phone number. Give them a call to customer service or order line to discuss any concerns you have. This will give you a good indication about how reliable the shop is. Search for the shop in forums and on community pages. What has other buyers had for an experience of the shop?

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