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Organic shoes

Organic children shoes

As we wrote about organic clothing for children in our other article and how popular organic cotton clothes has become, organic shoes and then especially shoes for children made from organic material has not yet been equally popular. If you want to think of what your children wear and how you dress your babies, you need to think again when it comes to the shoes.

Small baby shoes aren’t the easiest things to find, and not that much shoes for a bit older children either. But if together request more organic shoes, and fair trade produced products, we hope that this can be changed and that the online and offline shoes stores and can offer us a wider selection of cute, cool and useful shoes, even if they are organic. Lets request better and organic shoes, if not only for our children’s better future, but for a better world.

Material that organic shoe’s can be made of

Organic shoes are often made from organic material, like organic cotton, organic produced hemp, recycled rubber, recycled car tires, recycled plastic bottles and much of the material are often fair traded. Hemp is remarkable plant that can be used for many things. For clothing and shoe making, one of the outer parts of the hemp is used. This outer skin on the hemp is called bast. The fibres collected from hemp are really strong and can be treated naturally in to white, brow, black, green and grey. Hemp produces 250% more fiber than cotton and organic hemp grows quickly. Very little pesticides and herbicides is required to grow hemp, compared to the vast amounts used in cotton making, that’s the normal cotton, not organic produced cotton.

Making shoes from recycled car tires? Yes it can actually be done and isn’t it better to run in a couple of brand new hemp and car tire sneakers then driving in your car polluting the air. thinks that at least and hope that more organic clothing; organic shoes and organic toys will come to the shops online, for friendly fair-traded shopping.

Earth friendly shopping for organic clothing

Even if it can a bit hard to find organic earth friendly shoes for children, there are shops on the Internet that focuses mainly of organic clothing and other fair-traded products like shoes and toys. We a will do our best to guide you in the jungle of online shops and find the sweet spots when it comes to shops selling organic clothes and shoes.

Do you run an organic clothing shop?

Do you run an online store selling organic products mainly for children, get in contact with us at and we will help you market your products. Do you as a customer wishes to spread the word for a more earth friendly place with more organic clothes and other organic products. Email and we’ll publish your organic thoughts.

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