LittleStarClothes think the bodies are among the best, smartest you can use for babies up to 1.5 years. For the small child, it is soft and nice and not too bumpy. The baby must be able to feel light and smooth when it makes its progress.

We at Little Star Clothes have always bought many bodies of our children, to easily change if it becomes dirty.

Bodies instead of diaper

Our children have never liked using diaper, instead of the hassle of dealing with diaper, it has always been easy to have a simple white body under the nicer shirt. If the body gets dirty during the meal, it’s just to hide under the shirt. If the body gets wet, you can always have a fresh body in reserve in the maternity bag. This way, your baby will always be fresh, although it can sometimes be quite messy during the meal.

Body for a bit older children and toddler

This also applies to the slightly older child who feels smooth with a body under the t-shirt or under the long shirt. It won’t be ichy and there will be no cold air that makes the babies back or stomach cold.

A body that follow the child in motion

Small children, but also 1-year-olds are on the go all the time and they need to feel light and smooth at all movements. LittleStarClothes have also tried with linen to the girl that you can tuck down in the panties or leggings, it makes here feel easy and smooth without clothes tangling all over. Bodies in all its forms and colors are our absolute favorites up to 1.5 years of age. Practical and warm body in a number of cool and sweet colors for older and small children.