Night clothes for small babies, it is important that the pyjamas or night dress is soft for your little baby. There are pyjamas with feet or without feet. The advantage of pyjamas is full is that you avoid thinking about whether your baby freezes and feels cold or not. Night dress can be open or seal-able, with the advantage that you can tighten as a sleeping bag. It’s important that the night clothes are of cotton, which gives a nice feeling for your little boy or girl baby.

Elastic Pyjamas

There are night dresses with elastic ribbon at the bottom which make the nappy change at night incredibly smooth and easy. For boys, of course, push buttons are preferable, and preferably should the pyjamas fully cover your baby so it does not freeze when the babies normally don’t like to be covered with anything when they sleep. It is good to have a thin baby blanket that is soft and pleasant and moderate warm. There are many beautiful colors to choose from, but most often the mother chooses a light blue or pale pink to the newborn little baby.

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